Why Invest?

Why Invest in Northumberland Wind Field Inc.?

The Nova Scotia Department of Energy has noted the numerous benefits to investing in a community-owned company with ComFIT approvals.

For more information visit: Energy Nova Scotia or Nova Scotia Renewables

Social Benefits

  • Community owned renewable energy lets communities contribute meaningfully to climate change efforts
  • Bringing revenues back into the community facilitates other sustainable developments
  • Adding diversity to income to rural landowners and farmers provides stability
  • Community renewable energy businesses provide a socially responsible investment alternative (OSEA, 2009)
Northumberland Wind Field

Economic Benefits

  • More predictable energy costs
  • The value of the renewable resources are 5 - 10x more valuable to the local economy under community-ownership
  • The value of the electricity generated from renewable resources by NWF will stay within the community
  • The province and the local community are less reliant on costly energy imports
  • Keep your investment working in your community

Environmental Benefits

  • Wind energy is clean and green
  • Involving communities in renewable electricity encourages more generation because people are benefiting from the resources
  • More renewable electricity reduces fossil fuel consumption, which decreases carbon emissions
  • Many small generation facilities impact on the ecosystem far less than a few large facilities
  • Offsets use of fossil fuels now in common use - oil, coal and gas
  • Because of our heavy reliance on coal and other fossil fuels for electricity in Nova Scotia, every megawatt (MW) of wind power installed reduces our greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 2,500 tonnes per year
  • Every megawatt (1 MW) of wind power installed provides enough clean energy for 350 - 400 Nova Scotian homes