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Northumberland Wind Field Inc. Share Information

The purchase of Northumberland Wind Field's (NWF) common shares provides non-refundable provincial tax benefits to investors who are Nova Scotia residents. NWF shares can be held in one's RRSP.

  • The 2017 price per share of $1.60 reflects the completion of the 1.7MW Avondale Community Wind Park, on Doliber Mtn, Pictou County, NS. Northumberland Wind Field Inc's current offering of shares is for the purpose of raising funds for the construction of the second wind energy project, a COMFIT approved 150kW wind energy project on Fitzpatrick Mtn, the construction of which is planned for 2017.

Where will the NWF Power from NWF's Fitzpatrick Mtn Project Go?

  • Condon Road
  • Durham Road
  • Fitzpatrick Mountain Road
  • Condon Road
  • High Street


  • Hilltop Court
  • Joe Matheson Road
  • Maple Drive
  • Main St.
  • Scotsburn Rd.
Roger's Hill:
  • MacKeen Rd. (East and West)
  • MacLean Rd.
  • Millsville Rd.


  • Rockfield Rd.
  • Stewart Rd.
  • Durham Rd.

As well as Homes and Businesses in, and on the way to each of these rural communities.

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