About NWF



Northumberland Wind Field has no employees. The volunteer Board of Directors is not paid to manage the company's operation and its expenditures. The company's President, with assistance from the Board, voluntarily manages daily operations and administrative services and is not paid for providing this service to Northumberland Wind Field Inc.

Board of Directors

In regulations made under the Non-refundable Equity Tax Credit Act, NWF is required to have six (6) Directors reside in the community. The company's Board of Directors was elected at the 2015 AGM held Saturday, October 24, 2015 at the Merigomish Fire Hall. Nine (9) of the Directors reside in the community, and one is a resident of Colchester County.


NWF is conducting an offering of its common shares to raise the capital to build its COMFIT approved 2nd project on leased land on Fitzpatrick Mtn, Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

Sharon Henderson

NWF President

Roger's Hill, Pictou County Owner/Operator
Novafarm Blueberries Ltd.
Director since 2007


Michael Reddick
New Glasgow
Seafood Mgr, Sobey's Stores Ltd, New Glasgow
Director since 2007


George Frazee
Avondale, Pictou County
Maintenance Supervisor, Enercon Canada Ltd.
Director since 2012


Al Muir

NWF Secretary

Plymouth, Pictou County
Co-owner/Operator Andres Pizza (1982)
and Seats Restaurant (2007)
Director since 2013


Jim Roycroft
Salt Springs, Pictou County
Lead Technician and Quality Assurance Manager
Dalhousie Mtn Wind Farm, Pictou County
Director since 2013


Ryan McKaig

NWF Treasurer

New Glasgow
Accounting Technician,
AC MacDonald & Murphy Inc.
Director since 2012


Phil Wyman
Laggan, Pictou County
Retired Educator
Director since 2007

Larry Manicom
Truro, Colchester County
Owner/Operator of KAL Construction Ltd, 1985
Director since 2011