Fitzpatrick Mtn Project

Project Description

  • the project is located in the western section of Pictou County on Fitzpatrick Mountain, near Scotsburn, Nova Scotia
  • the project consists of three Ghrepower domestic 50 kW wind turbine generators
  • the machines will produce 150kW of clean, green renewable energy
  • the electricity NWF's Fitzpatrick Mtn project produces is sold at the ComFIT rate under a Power Purchase Agreement with Nova Scotia Power
  • this project will add 150 kW to the 3100kWs (3.1MW) of wind energy already being produced for Scotsburn and its surrounding rural communities
  • every megawatt (MW) of wind reduces our greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 2,500 tonnes per year, enough clean energy for 350 - 400 Pictou County homes (NS Renewables)



NWF Turbine
Northumberland's 3 x 50kW Ghrepower renewable wind energy installation atop Fitzpatrick Mtn, Pictou County. The crane and excavator are miniature beside the 42metre tall towers.

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Where Does the NWF Power Go?

Northumberland's community-owned Fitzpatrick Mtn Project will supply sustainable renewable electricity directly to the homes and businesses in these rural communities:

  • Scotsburn: Condon Road
  • Durham Road
  • Fitzpatrick Mountain Road
  • High Street
  • Hilltop Court
  • Joe Matheson Road
  • Maple Drive
  • Main St.
  • Scotsburn Rd.
  • Roger's Hill: MacKeen Rd. (East and West)
  • MacLean Road
  • Millsville Road
  • Rockfield Road
  • Stewart Road
  • Durham Road