Avondale Project

Project Description

  • the project is located on Doliber Mountain, off Barney's River Road in Avondale, Pictou County,
    Nova Scotia
  • the project consists of one Enercon E92 utility class wind turbine generator and three Ghrepower domestic 50 kW wind turbine generators
  • Avondale will produce 1.750MW of clean, green renewable energy
  • the electricity the Avondale project produces is sold at the ComFIT rate under a Power Purchase Agreement with Nova Scotia Power
  • every megawatt (MW) of wind reduces our greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 2,500 tonnes per year -enough clean energy for 350-400 Nova Scotian homes (NS Renewables)
NWF Turbine
At the top of Doliber Mtn. The vehicle is a
miniature beside the 85metre tall Enercon E92.

Where Does the NWF Power Go?

The Merigomish Project in Avondale supplies sustainable renewable electricity directly to the homes and businesses in 17 communities. The communities include:

  • Ardness
  • Avondale
  • Bailey's Brook
  • Barney's River Station
  • Big Island Broadway
  • Egerton
  • Kenzieville
  • Laggan Lismore
  • Marshy Hope
  • Merigomish
  • Mount Adam
  • Piedmont
  • The Ponds
  • Rossfield
  • Upper/Lower Barney's River

As well as homes and businesses in, and on the way to each of these rural communities.